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Congratulations, graduate! It's time to celebrate your milestone with professional graduation portraits.

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What Graduates Need to Know

Not every look is timeless.

Take time to think about your look for your photo session. These are photos you and your family will look back on over the years, so come dressed as your best self. If you're not sure what to wear with the gown, here are a couple classic options you can use to get your outfit ideas flowing:

  • A collared shirt or blouse always complements the gown nicely
  • Pair a buttoned up collar with a tie in a colour that works with the gown
  • A tank top style shirt will not be visible in the V neck of the gown

If you choose to wear a tank top under your gown, you may bring an additional shirt/outfit for any casual or vintage photos you have scheduled. Last, please be sure your hands and nails are looking their best as they will be visible in some of the poses.

Be Your Best Self!

Along with traditional cap & gown portraits, if desired, we'll photograph casual portraits too. Come prepared to show off your talent, hobby or whatever makes you unique with props or instruments that can be included in your casual portrait. Photographers have the final say on what are deemed appropriate as props.

Be on time.

Please arrive 10 minutes ahead of your appointment to do any last minute touch-ups and check-in. Take a minute to connect with us on social, @edgeimaging, and share your experience.

Your sitting fee covers your time spent at the camera. Please contact us to cancel your appointment, as sitting fees will not automatically be refunded.

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